Finding the right place to stay for the night is important whenever you are planning trips that span several days. Reasons for travelling may vary: sometimes you go out just to get a breath of fresh air during your summer holidays, while at other times you need to travel due to work and business commitments. Most people do try to avoid spending too much money on accommodation and end up deciding that a budget hotel is the best compromise. 

While the fact that you can keep travels costs down when choosing budget hotels cannot be questioned, sometimes you do have to ask yourself whether or not to treat yourself a little better: surely it won’t hurt you too much spending at least one of your holidays at a luxury hotels Bangkok near Patpong night market or in any other exotic location. This may be further justified by the fact that not all luxury hotels are ridiculously expensive: if you know how to book smart, you can save yourself a great deal of cash and still get the benefits of spending the night at a five-star hotel of your choice. 

Look for Online Deals 

Almost all luxury hotels in Silom road Bangkok and other suburbs of Bangkok advertise deals online at certain times of the year. Before you depart, you should take some time to check out the websites of respective hotels in order to see whether such deals are being offered at the moment. More often than not, you should find at least a couple of these offers, more so if you decide to travel during major holidays. 

Opt for Online Reservations 

Online reservations not only assure you that you will be given a room as soon as you arrive, but they also provide specific discounts when paying through credit cards and the like. Although these offers and promotions may not be as common, you really shouldn’t pass the opportunity to reserve a room online: in fact, some luxury hotels will only accept guests who book a room through their online website. 

Make Use of Loyalty Programs 

Loyalty programs may be familiar to you if you do shopping at large supermarket chains or if you rack up a lot of air miles every year. A lot of these loyalty programs will offer you a chance to spend accumulated points to book a luxury hotel room for a few days. You may even be able to bring a few members of your family with you. 

Choose Packages Over Room Rentals 

Holiday packages at luxury hotels are the best if you want to stay in a room for the long term. These packages will allow you to make use of other services, such a pool or spa, for discounted rates (or even free). Thus, packages will prove to be cheaper than paying for a room and these extra services separately.